Food Grade Mineral Oil


STELLA Food Grade Mineral Oil is recommended for use in a wide variety of food processing and packaging operations where lubricating oil is used as a processing aid, food packaging material or where direct contact between the lubricating oil and food or packaging materials may occur.

This product is NSF Registered No.150206 and is acceptable for use as a Release Agent (3H) on grills, ovens, loaf pans, boning benches, chopping boards or other hard surfaces in contact with meat and poultry food products to prevent food from adhering during processing. Typical applications also include egg processing, meat packaging, sugar refining, food canning and the manufacture of paper intended for food packaging.


Technical Data (typical values)

Appearance SIHM 89/3 Clear & Bright
Colour – Saybolt ASTM D-156 +30 (min.)
Density @ 15° C g/mL ASTM D-4062 0.83 – 0.87
Flash Point – COC (Min.) ° C ASTM D-92 >190
Pour Point ° C ASTM D-97 >-9
Viscosity @ 40°C mm²/s ASTM D-445 15 – 68
U.V. Absorbtion of White Oils ASTM D-2269 Passes
Odour Odourless
Taste Tasteless
Acidity Neutral